Managed WordPress hostingForSite Media developed a service called Managed WordPress hosting for clients who prefer to not ever have to focus on the technical bits of WordPress. If your only concern is your content and you’d like to have someone else worry about everything technical about WordPress than our Managed WordPress hosting might just be something for you.

What’s included?

What’s included you ask? Basically all the updating we take are off. Updating WordPress, but also updating the various plugins you use. We do however have a policy on which plugins we consider to be safer than others.

Additionally you’ll get access to our private forum where you get to spend 15 minutes per month on any WordPress questions you might have. You can also use these 15 minutes for us to implement a new plugin or adjusting your template; it’s completely up to you.

What’s your pricing?

Our pricing is as flexible as it gets. This means it’s difficult for us to give you an estimate as all managed WordPress hosting solution are completely custom tailored. Do ask us to quote you via our inquiry form.